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Art Projects

2 days Live painting for LA MER campaign
March, 2024

Houses project 《 VANKE ANLAN 》 Hangzhou, China

Custom made painting for living room
Size: H 430cm x W 170cm
Oil and acrylic on linen

Custom made painting for dining room
Size: H 80cm x W 340cm
Oil and acrylic on linen

HSBC collaboration to create the "Rainbow Lions" for a LGBTQ project.

  • On Stephen - Pride of lion
  • On Stitt - Unity of lion

Developer : Nan Fung Group
The Visionary, Tung Chung, HK
100cm x 100cm ( 15 pieces )
Acrylic on canvas

In 2015, Commissioned design for Cathay Pacific in-flight magazine cover of 《 Discovery 》
I created a painting 《 Heaven and Earth》, blends the ideas of past and future in Hong Kong. The blue and white represent the limitless sky and oceans in an ever-changing world, with the calligraphy of a Chinese character painted in gold. Gold is the color of prosperity, power and glory, indicating a contemporary China that is always changing and renewing itself.

The original works have been collected in the business class lounge- The WING

SWISS Prestige, Hong Kong

Developer: Huang Yuan Construction Co. - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Tai Chi
150cm x 100cm ( 2 panels )
Lacquer and oil on canvas
Developer: Huang Yuan Construction Co.
Royal Mansion, Kaohsiung, Taiwan