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Gemstones Series

Just like each gemstone possessing its own distinctive energy and personality, the city in which we live also carries its own unique vibe, be it elegant, calm, and/or dynamic.

I use gemstones as a metaphor for cities where people’s past, present, and future are all encapsulated. There is an ever-growing pull that draws people to their city; while constantly being shaped and etched by the passages of time and the changes of eras, we and our city still stand tall, just like polished and embellished gemstones full of everlasting radiance and power.

The delicate lines on canvas represent the trials and tribulations we all experience in life, akin to how gemstones are formed in nature. The oil colors and brushstrokes on canvas are used more to elicit emotions that will help awake gemstone’s powers than to render a realistic representation of the object.

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